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JCR Fabrics offers each season a wide color palette for solid fabrics selected by our in-house design team.


We are well known for our large range of solids, woven and knit qualities such as crepes, poly spandex, tweeds, velvets, chino, flannels, satins, and wools. We work with a wide variety of fibers such as polyester, cotton, rayon, linen and more … Our collection evolves each season.


We also offer all our customers the possibility to create their own colors on a wide range of fabrics, with fast production procedures.

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JCR Fabrics creates a vast and eclectic selection of prints -- such as floral, geometrics, abstract, figurative … quickly adapting and reflecting the latest trends from runways to keep our collections fashion forward. In addition, we are working with a variety of European design studios to enhance and supplement our inspiration and creativity. Since its inception, JCR Fabrics has built an impressive and extensive library of designs over the years -- a treasured archive, as Fashion is in a state of perpetual renewal.

These designs can be customized to specific requests, across a wide range of fabrics.


Our main process for printing is screen print and digital, as we can adapt to our customers’ designs as required.



Yarn dyed fabrics are one of our strengths, in offering an extensive range in both woven and knits fabrics, such as stripes, checks, patchworks, and more.



Each season, our dedicated team of designers produces new designs and color palettes and can promptly create customers’ own handlooms.



We carry a large selection of novelties fabrics to keep up with the latest fashion such as jacquards, laces, embroideries, brocades…



Adapting our processes to trends for glitters, foils or any kind of new development,  we thrive to satisfy our customers’ desires.

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